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TV mounting service Miami

Different TV mounts for different needs

We have different TV mount types for all TV sizes available in our local Miami inventory so you don’t have to wait for one to be delivered. We take the mount to you as fast as the same day you request it.

  • Fixed TV mount: Allow the TV to be mounted as close to the wall as in a fixed position (no tilting or swiveling), these are usually more economical.
  • Tilt mounts: Allow the TV to angle downwards and upwards about 8 degrees to reduce glare and improve viewing angle.
  • Full-motion mount or swivel TV mount: Allows the TV to be pulled away from the wall with an extendable arm and rotate on all axes, level it, tilt it, and swing it any way you like. This is great for when you want to watch TV from different parts of a big room. It also allows easier access to the TV’s connections.

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TV mounting service Miami

Soundbar Installation

TV mounting service Miami

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TV mounting service Miami


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Frequently asked questions

No, a licensed electrician is needed for that. If you have a power outlet behind the tv, we can run the power to it. If not, we will make a 2-inch hole behind the TV and below, next to a power outlet in order to to have the power cord run behind the wall and come out right next to the power outlet as pictured below.

Not if you purchase a complete TV installation package or a tv wire concealment service.

Two 2-inch holes are made (on drywall only) to run the cables from the tv to the nearest power outlet. The holes are covered with grommets as pictured below.

If the cables cannot go behind the wall, they are ran down over the wall and covered with a white plastic that can be painted the same color as the wall.

We offer TV  installations in all of Miami-Dade.

You can but you don’t have to. You can purchase a wall mount from us for your own convenience and our installer will take it to you the day of the installation. 

Our professional installers have all the experience necessary to prevent any damage as much as possible. In the unforeseen case of an accident, our insurance will cover any damages.

Yes there are, but they are limited, book your appointment ASAP before availability runs out.


Simply click on the button on the bottom of the page to make an appointment.

The cost depends on the size of the tv, the amount of tvs, the mount, and what other services you want to add.

tv munting service

Professional TV  Mounting Service

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